Posted Tuesday June 12, 2018 by admin


SOS reaches out where others fear to tread. 

When the Welfare to Work program was initiated, we lost the majority of our funding and were not able to pay our dedicated staff.  13 of those people stayed with us and are working tirelessly to serve the people in need, who otherwise would be forced to return to their batterers, give up their children or live under the bridges.  We are there for them and have kept our 7 shelters, 2 daycare centers, food pantry and thrift store operating for the last 4 ½ years without paid staff.  With our raised funds, the first responsibility is our mortgage, which we have faithfully paid.  However, without utilities, the shelters cannot remain open –  so we are calling upon all good people of conscience to contribute a monthly payment sothat the SPARK of the shelter will continue.