Cars For Success

Cars for Success

To donate your vehicle to Strengthen Our Sisters and receive a tax deduction please email  info@strengthenoursisters.orgAll donated vehicles are given directly to needy families living in the shelter. We do not sell donated vehicles or profit in anyway.

Cars for Success was developed by Strengthen Our Sisters, Inc to assist low income women make the transition from welfare to work by providing essential transportation. Women are referred to Cars for Success by a number of diverse non-profit organizations and agencies, which include homeless and domestic violence shelters, job training programs, and welfare agencies.

The program began in 1998 when a generous couple purchased a new vehicle and wanted to donate their used car to the shelter. The car was donated and the couple received a tax deduction for the value of the car. The car was then given to a woman with two children living at the shelter who was eager to work and sever her dependence the welfare system. With the donated vehicle, she was able to drop her children off at our licensed pre-school and day care center, and begin her search for employment. She successfully found a sustaining job where she also received training, and her welfare case was closed.

Strengthen Our Sisters, Inc quickly recognized the further need for vehicles and placed ads in newspapers and a local cable station. Since then, we have received over one hundred and fifty used vehicles and have hired a former client and welfare recipient to help manage the program.

Through press releases, news articles about Cars for Success, and word-of-mouth, more used cars are being donated to our organization each week — more donors are receiving tax deductions for values higher than they would receive for selling their cars, and most importantly — many more disenfranchised women and their children are living non-violent and independent lives. To donate your vehicle please email us at If you would like to call us with your donation please contact Sandra Ramos at 973-831-0898.

Cars for Success would like to say thanks to the many generous donors who have made it possible for victims of domestic violence, poverty, and abuse find sustaining jobs and independence from their batterers and the welfare system!