In need of Perry Mason Jr.

In need of Perry Mason Jr.

I am in search of a wonderful lawyer with great ethics, and  the qualities of a modern-day Perry Mason – someone who embodies intelligence, cleverness, and a vivacious spirit, someone who knows how to get things done. 

My journey began in 1970 when I established the very first shelter for battered women in Hackensack, New Jersey, sharing my home with my three children. Over the years, I’ve dedicated myself ferociously to the protection of women and children who have faced unimaginable challenges.

Regrettably, I’ve witnessed some individuals exploit the system, manipulating it to their advantage. State funds seem to support those who fall short in delivering justice and meaningful change. Recent actions have been not only morally wrong but also legally questionable, demanding the attention of a skilled and ingenious lawyer.

I implore you, in bold letters, to reach out to me at any time, day or night. Let us unite and build a case that rights these wrongs. I am eagerly excited about the opportunity to meet someone of your caliber.

My daughter pursued a legal career in California, yet she is not licensed in New Jersey. However, I believe that your expertise in this area could provide the assistance I need to navigate these troubling waters.

I must emphasize that we are seeking a lawyer to volunteer their services without any compensation involved. Your willingness to contribute your expertise selflessly is what we seek, driven by the desire to rectify injustices and protect the vulnerable.

Please extend your hand to help me in my quest for justice. Together, we can make a positive difference and ensure that those we protect receive the support and advocacy they deserve.

I will await your reply. Please contact Sandra Ramos, Founder and Executive Direct at 973-831-0898 or email