Residential Services

Main House

Staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the Main House provides a safe place for women and children who are in a state of crisis as a result of physical, sexual, emotional or economic abuse. The Main House offers basic life needs (clothing, food, supplies and transportation); as well as individually tailored support services designed to  prepare clients to make the transition to independence and self-sufficiency. The services, referrals, information and shelter we provide are provided free to clients and are confidential.

The Main House provides a peaceful and respectful environment where the healing process can begin. The home-like setting can house up to 40 individuals (including single women and women with children). 

Wanaque & Berrie Houses

Recognizing the need for transitional housing, Strengthen Our Sisters designated two buildings to accommodate single women and women with children to provide safe housing and transitional services toward preparing clients for independence. These two buildings are conducive to more independent living. They are located directly
on a bus route so women finding employment can get to work. In the storefront of one of the buildings is our day care center providing quality child care so women can work and participate in important programs. Our main office is based in Wanaque as well as our housing advocacy program. All services provided to the other houses are available to the residents of the Wanaque and Berrie Houses.

Keeping families together and treating both the children and their mothers is central to long term recovery. 

Faye House & Seed House

The seed house is a smaller house located next to the larger residence known as the Faye House which was a former bed and breakfast. When we recognized the growing need for services for older adult women, these two houses were purchased. The Seed house is used primarily as a transitional house for women with children, and larger families. Though all the same services are available to residents of the Seed House, living is more independent and the focus is acquiring the skills and responsibility of self-sufficient living toward the next step. Busses to city centers are nearby for women attending school or who are working. The Faye House provides safe shelter and supportive services to primarily single older adult women. The environment is positive and cooperative toward healing and preparing to move into independent housing. We have found that when the focus is more conducive and common to the needs of the population served, there is less to interfere with the progress of each individual’s goals. 

OMNI House

The OMNI House is a residential support program for expectant mothers and young women and their babies, teaching healthy habits, attitudes, and behaviors throughout pregnancy to insure healthy babies and good parenting skills.

OMNI provides comprehensive residential services for pregnant and parenting young women including pre- and post-natal health services, parenting education and child care. Our programs provide a safe, supportive environment where parenting options are explored, educational and vocational goals are pursued and parenting skills are enhanced.